Isola Capital Group
Isola Capital Group is a multi-family family office platform with shareholder families from Asia and Europe with a long history of preserving and generating wealth through a combination of prudent and entrepreneurial investments.

Founded in 1946, the platform had forged its name as a pioneer in emerging markets for direct investments, fund management and private banking. Isola Capital was originally established as Deltec Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deltec International Group responsible for the global direct investment and fund management operations of the broader Deltec group of companies. Today, Isola Capital is a multi-family office platform comprising multi-generation family offices and financiers who are anchor stakeholders to ensure that the operations of Isola Capital are aligned with the interests of its Investor Round Table members.

Through its private multi-family office structure with evergreen capital, Isola Capital leverages the spirit of generations of entrepreneurial success and the dynamic expertise of an international network and portfolio companies. Isola Capital is able to access a wealth of knowledge across sectors to secure unique investment opportunities. Isola Capital provides a uniquely discreet platform to cater for the needs of its shareholders and Investor Round Table members to access proprietary investment opportunities and tailor-made asset management solutions.

Isola Capital provides a platform and range of services built by wealthy investors, for wealthy investors.