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Batlow Fruit Company Appoints Jim Nanos as Company CEO

The Board of Directors of Batlow Fruit Company Pty. Ltd. (“Batlow Fruit Company”, or the “Company”) (the “Board”) is pleased to announce that Jim Nanos, the Company’s Chief Operating Officer, is promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the Company with immediate effect. Mr. Nanos, in his new role and together with support of the Company’s other senior management team members, will oversee and manage the businesses of the Company, its subsidiaries and those of the Ausfarm Fresh Group (together, the “Group”), as well as lead and execute various strategic and growth initiatives of the Group.


Scott Keddy, Non-executive Chairman of Batlow Fruit Company, commented on Mr. Nanos’ CEO appointment: “Jim’s achievements and contribution since he joined the Company as its COO are well recognized and applauded. As the Batlow brand will be celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2022, we are highly confident that Jim has the vision and the experience required to lead and take the Company into a new century of exciting growth and development.”


Peter Reading, Independent Director of the Company, said: “Jim’s CEO appointment is a vote of confidence on his capability to drive operational excellence. We believe in Jim’s leadership and execution of the Group’s strategies to enhance the Company’s core competitiveness, expand into new markets and product categories, and create significant shareholder value.”


“I am very grateful for the support and the appointment as the Company’s CEO”, said Mr. Nanos, “at the same time, I am both excited and ready to take the Company to embark on a new journey to accelerate business growth, expand into new markets, develop strategic partnerships, and contribute to local communities where we have a business presence. I am also looking forward to work even more closely and collaboratively with the Company’s Board and other members of the senior management team in my new role.”


The Board would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of Batlow Fruit Company’s staff, stakeholders, and partners for all of their effort and support during an unprecedented and challenging global business environment over the past few months. In particular, a special note of appreciation for Mr. Keddy’s contribution in guiding and managing the Company in his former role as Executive Chairman of the Company.


Prior to joining Batlow Fruit Company, Mr. Nanos spent over 30 years in the food and beverage industry, as well as consumer automotive industry in Australia, including, as Chief Executive Officer of Berringa Honey, Chief Financial Officer of Bob Jane T-Marts, and as General Manager of Goodyear Australia. Mr. Nanos grew up in Melbourne and graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Mr. Nanos is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) of Australia.


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Batlow Fruit Company Pty. Ltd.
Growing from the “Batlow” apple brand with almost 100 years of history, Batlow Fruit Company is a vertically integrated health and wellness food and beverage company in Australia with a fast growing branded products business targeting increasingly health conscious consumers in Australia and Asia. The Company and the other members of the Group have controlling interests in leading agricultural production assets in Australia, including the largest vertically integrated apple producer as measured by value in New South Wales and Queensland (also the second largest apple producer as measured by volume in Australia) with over 780 ha of orchards, processing capability of over 18,000 tonnes of apples with substantial cold storage and multiple packing facilities. The Group also manufactures, markets, and distributes branded food and beverage products, which include apple-based snacks (Happles), apple cider, apple juice and related beverages.

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