Our Philosophy

Building upon our heritage and traditions, Isola Capital provides select investors an exclusive, innovative, and proprietary investment platform that offers access, flexibility and transparency.

Isola Capital provides our shareholders and investors with a focused spectrum of investment opportunities, ranging from liquid public market investments to unique direct investments or co-investment opportunities in private equity or venture capital.



The logo of Isola Capital truly reflects the culture and philosophy of the platform. The character "人" is the Chinese character for "man" or "person". The round table stems from a western fable, which symbolized all those that sat around it had equal status. This depicts the heritage and philosophy of the Investor Round Table, where families of different history and scale gather together in a regular forum to collaborate, discuss and invest in unique opportunities.


Isola Capital has access to capital that is flexible and evergreen, with the ability to adapt focus areas depending on the prevailing or prospective market conditions. This allows our platform to participate in investment opportunities that vary in size, sector and geography.


Isola Capital also leverages stakeholders to bring in valuable strategic insight, network, sector expertise and operating resources to our portfolio companies.