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PBEC Podcast – Anthony Chan (CEO of Isola) participated in The New Multi-Family Office: The Family-backed Investment Fund Strategy Podcast

Anthony Chan, our CEO, was recently honoured to be invited to participate on the PBEC podcast.

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Anthony Chan, CEO of Isola Capital, a multi-family asset management platform shares his in-depth knowledge and expertise on a broad range of investment related topics. If you enjoy the latest finance matters and understanding the current volatile investment environment, then this is an insightful look at how family offices operate and which sectors, products they are currently focusing their attention on. Isola Capital was recently awarded ‘A Caring Company’ in 2022.  They have just launched their 7th fund, IPVF VII,  a co-investment fund together with the Hong Kong Government’s Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (“ITVF”), with a focus on investing in Hong Kong and regional innovation and technology and start-ups.

In this episode of the Value Prop: 1:05: Beginning of investment journey
5:36: Isola’s investment philosophy
17:10: Investing through private credit
26:03: New investment frontier in digital assets
35:23: Family office in Hong Kong vs. Singapore
Disclaimer: PBEC is not a financial advisor or licensed to provide investment advice. All content shared in this episode are opinion-based and in confidence that the listener is able to make up their own minds.