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Special note to investors in view of COVID-19

Dear Investors,


We hope this email finds you well, and wish you and your family continued good health.


We understand that the current COVID-19 pandemic situation is causing great disruption and stress to many of our investors, colleagues, and friends, as well as unprecedented volatility in global financial markets.  We are reaching out to let you know that Isola is ready to help and able to provide informed advice and insight during this turbulent market environment.


As we have seen in the past, dramatic events such as the COVID-19 situation tend to distort and dislocate financial markets temporarily, although it may be difficult to pinpoint a return to market normality, this is typically preceded by a period of market destabilization with many interesting and rewarding potential investment opportunities that will benefit investors significantly over a medium to long-term investment horizon.  This “black swan” event has also driven significant investor interest and capital into private investment opportunities that is unaffected by the daily market volatility and allows more level-headed considerations, which is fortunately an area that Isola specializes in.


We are cautiously optimistic and anticipating that the COVID-19 situation will improve over the coming months at different pace in different regions.  At the same time, Isola is committed more than ever to serve our investors in identifying and investing in unique and rewarding potential investment opportunities, especially in key Asia Pacific geographies, which appear to be coping the most effectively with COVID-19.  We are fully resourced and working from Hong Kong in our office, and are available to continue to maintain close dialogue with our network of investors, strategic partners, and portfolio companies that are all still active and engaged.  We are here to help in any way possible.


We remain committed to keep our various businesses operating and staff employed as we navigate through this “black swan” event that can potentially have significant economic and financial consequences, and help our partners and investors to emerge from this period safely and profitably.


Stay well and safe!


Isola Capital